Best Places to be in Canlaon City

We love to make Coffee for the city that love to drink it

Best place to drink Coffee or Hot Chocolate whenever you visit Canlaon City is here at Joring's Café

Best places To be in Canlaon: Balete Tree

Best places that everybody wants to see in  whenever they are in Canlaon City is One of Canlaon’s City Tourist attraction the century old Balete Tree. It is said that it took 42 grown men with their hand outstretched to encircle the tree. This Balete tree stands in the middle of coffee and rice plantations. 

Best places to be in Canlaon is one of them is the Balete Tree
Best places to be in Canlaon and one of them is the cold spring Inland Resort

Best places to be in Canlaon: Inland Resort

Best Places in Canlaon mostly is cold because Canlaon City is located in a Mountainous Area. This Inland resort has very cold swimming that you don’t even need ice to make your drinks very cold.  You just have to soaked your bottled drinks in the pool for some minutes and it is cold.

Best places to be in Canlaon:
Rice Terraces

Best places in Canlaon City has a lot of wonderful memories and beautiful sight to offer. One of these places is the rice terraces. And this is not only of tourists attraction but some of the people this means is one of their livelihood.

Best places to be in Canlaon and one of them is the famous rice terraces

Best Places and Experience in Canlaon City

"Best Places in Canlaon is the Inland Resort. Canlaon City is the summer Capital of the Visayas. Being here is really cool. And this is the perfect place to have a sip of delicious hot coffee or chocolate"
Places that i definitely dont want to miss when i went to Canlaon City