"Contact us and experience the good taste Being the best of brewed coffee in Canlaon. Nothing can beat Joring's brewed coffee. With 43 years in the business, Jorings is always providing the taste of the best . We guarantee you 100 percent satisfaction with our coffee and cocoa products. So come and visit us now to taste also our famous filipino delicacies and some delicious variety of foods we cook everyday. For inquiries and other products and services we offer click the information provided above"
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Contact us to experience our great services, since 1976, Joring’s Café is one of the best coffee shop in Canlaon City. Providing satisfaction and relaxation to the people who loves to drink coffee. Canlaon is the summer capital in the Visayas region and the City is located on a mountain area of Negros Oriental so the cold atmosphere of the area is perfect to have some cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Our products comes from our own backyard plantation as Canlaon City is known to have a lot of vegetables products. People visit Canlaon not only to experience the beautiful scenery of the city but also to buy fruits and vegetables to resell it. Come and visit us to experience the best Coffee and Hot Chocolate Canlaonon’s experience for the past 43 years.   For any order or inquiries feel free to reach us with the information provided. 

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