History of jorings cafe started with the capital of twenty seven pesos only located at the heart of the city of canlaon joring maintains the business. This coffeeshop was established on May 9, 1976. Nurtured this small business for my family’s living maintenance. Started with 27 pesos, standing as capital and one sugar bowl, a few piecesof glasses and spoon, at that time cannot afford to buy coffee mugs with my two small children stands as my helpers those times of our survival. Albert Avanceña Besario 9 yrs. old my ran and errand and Arlene Avanceña Besario 5 yrs. old as my glass washer. And really God is good, with friends around us who are supportive to my little coffeeshop. One of my closest, also a childhood friend help me find some customers by bringing his jeepney passengers to my coffee shop and let them have their coffee and hot tsokolate as he stands as the guarantor before going to the vegetable market to sell their crops. After their seling spree, they would come back to pay for their “painit”. This happens thrice a week tuesdays, thursdays & saturdays, and I can and never forget this friend of mine for he is my idol, a comrade, a shoulder to lean on nd also a relative Years pased by and later he became the City Mayor of Canlaon City. “Mayor Jose ”Ondo” Cardenas” If Ondo was still around he would surely be very happy seing my little coffeeshop stil standing despite of all the humps and bumps of life. And now on it’s 43rd year of serving coffee to people we expanded fastfood, Dressed Chicken and Lechon Manok. People in all walks of life, usually meet at Joring’s Cafe at Canlaon City, Negros Island Region.

History of the Joring's Cafe on it's first structure dated May 9, 1976
History tells itself that jorings cafe is where a lot of people stop by whenever the visited canlaon city
History is one of the best memories you will always remember at jorings cafe

Who we are

We sell fresh brewed coffee at Canlaon City. The City that loves to to drink coffee.

Our mission

To bring satisfaction and relaxation to the people of Canlaon City.

Our offer