Where can we find the home of Joring's Café for over 43 years

Where We at Canlaon City

Where you are at canlaon city get to visit or stop by at Joring’s café and grab some of our delicious snacks and have  a drink with our delicious and hot brewed coffee and hot chocolate. We are located within the heart of the city and people when ask where Joring’s Café is we can be located easily. You will not be lost because the café is already one of the city’s landmark. 

The Cafe at Night Time

When in Canlaon City

Canlaon city is the summer capital of Visayas region. With the cold and chill atmosphere of the area having a cup of coffee is a perfect idea. There’s no more relaxing feeling than having a hot drinks with the cool surroundings. That is why Joring’s café is the perfect place to be when in Canlaon City. To warm your body with our delicious hot brewed coffee and hot chocolate while having a bite with our delicious delicacies and mouth watering foods.

Relax and Chill

Families gather and relax at one of the tourist destination in Negros Oriental. When people hear the word canlaon the first thing on their mind is the century tree, the famous Canlaon Vulcano and of course Joring’s Café. Their visit to Canlaon will not be complete without having a sip of hot coffee or hot chocolate at Joring’s café.

Families gather on Joring's Cafe

Beautiful View of the Café at Night